Top salons in Lahore’s remedies for skin in summers

Summer is the season in which women love to wear beautiful summer dresses and make their personality glowing. But due to intense heat and warmth of the sun, this fashion can lead to severe skin damage. The pores in the skin become clogged because of excessive sweating in the presence of dust and eventually the skin becomes rough and dull. Therefore, it is a special need to take care of your skin in this harsh weather by following some simple remedies. These remedies have been gathered from the experts of some of the top salons in Lahore.

  1. Water intake

The foremost remedy for keeping our skin fresh in summers is the maximum intake of water in the form of different ways such as fruit juices, coconut water, green tea etc. Water not only helps to purify your skin and body but also makes your skin refreshing.

  1. Food intake

Another remedy from top salons in Lahore’s expert is that salty products and meat should be avoided in summers as they are difficult to digest and can cause a dehydrating effect on the body. To keep your skin glowing and maintain the water balance in the body, those foods should be adopted which are full of necessary vitamins and have considerate water content in them e.g. cucumbers, watermelons, oranges, lettuce etc.

  1. Sunscreen

Proper waterproof sunscreens comprising SPF should be applied on to the skin 30 minutes before stepping into the sun. This will guard your skin from the intense UVA rays radiated by the sun and prevent it from getting dark and damage.

  1. Moisturize

Regardless of the weather, you should moisturize your skin with a good water based moisturizer regularly after taking shower when the skin is still wet and just before going to bed in the night. This will help to keep your skin soft and gentle all day long.

  1. Exfoliate

Besides moisturizing, experts of top salons in Lahore recommend that exfoliation should be done to remove the dead skin cells that get accumulated on the face and body. This will leave a glowing effect on your skin.

  1. Cleansing

Your skin should be appropriately cleansed daily with a good quality cleanser. If you have an acne prone skin, go for a cucumber or an aloe Vera cleanser instead of using other normal ones.

  1. Steaming

You can also give yourself a steam therapy once in a week to open clogged pores and remove all the dirt that has accumulated in the skin. Steaming helps to make the skin clearer and softer and works well for all skin types.

  1. Toning

By applying a toner, one can get following benefits:

  • It moisturizes the skin well
  • Balances the pH level
  • Removes dirt and toxins
  • Refreshes your skin and makes it softer
  1. Tan

Many tan removing formulas are easily found in the market to neutralize and soothe the skin and reduce the effect of harsh sun rays.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is also very necessary to keep your skin healthy and glowing. It improves the blood circulation and removes toxins and waste materials from the body at a quicker pace, leaving your skin soft and tender. Do simple workouts or yoga every morning to feel good and stay fresh.

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