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Something about Cosmo
We believe that perfect beauty is different for every individual and that achieving it need not be a daily struggle. That’s why we never mass produce but always tailor the look: Considering the individual’s unique features and needs when conceiving their grooming solutions.
At Cosmo Lahore, we take our cues from the fashion industry elite, translating runway trends into wearable works of art. We’re inspired by fashion, grounded by innovation, humbled by our commitment to education and distinguished by our creativity and originality.
Realizing the perfect beauty – individual and practical – is our goal. Cosmo Lahore is the best Salon in Lahore. This is Cosmo. This is Grooming Solution.

Skin Care Services in Lahore

Clear glowing skin is one of today’s most important hallmarks of beauty. No matter how advanced the latest skin care technology may be, an educated and experienced analysis is required to maintain a healthy skin care. At Cosmo Salon we have deep understanding with skin structure, growth and nutrition.


Hair sculpting and design

Cosmo Salon offers world’s revolutionary Hair Sculpting and Design Concepts in haircuts. After a complete lifestyle and inspirational consultation, Stylist confirms and recommends hair sculpture which covers hair design from every dimension. The considerable factors in a hair design are Form, Texture, Hair Weight Distribution, Expression of line, Color or Color texture, Hair design Principles according to facial type or body type and many alike elements which results an influence upon your desired image.


Cosmo Make up Service

The Cosmo is mostly known for its hair styling and photography but they are also good at makeup. They have hired the expert staff for makeup. Whether you need the casual, natural or unique look, Cosmo will create the right look for you to enhance your beauty. We make sure that the makeup done on you lasts a whole day and it feels incredibly light, so that it can give a natural look.


Bridal Makeup

A unblemished face, beautiful hair and a glowing appearance will not only make you look glamorous and stunning on your big day but will also give you confidence. We are a team of professional Cosmo Salon bridal makeup artists. We provide the best bridal makeup and hairstyling for the brides, as their wedding is a big day for them and you can’t just ruin it by applying a bad make up.



Cosmo Salon not only provides their photography services for Bridal photo shoots, wedding shoot but also make the portfolios for the upcoming models. We have professional photographers for this purpose and we assure you to satisfy you with our photography services. It is our motto to provide our clients with the best services. We never disappoint our clients when it comes to our services.


Hair Texture

Hair texture philosophy of Cosmo Salon is to define this from, Hair surface texture, Hair Wave texture, Sometimes hair diameter or Hair density.


Hair spa and treatments

Services of hair spa and treatments are designed by the principles of the updated cosmetology studies. It covers hair’s most routine problems i.e. High porosity or damaged hair cuticle due to over-exposure of unplanned hair cosmetics or practices, hair keratin loss, moisture loss and pigment loss due to water chlorination, metal rusts, environmental exposure and excessive usage of hair cosmetics.


Hair color

The science of color is beautiful and highly technical when it comes to hair color. Not every consumer based hair color is built for your hair, for a healthy and relatively desired color tone a technical, educated and experienced approach is highly recommended. Cosmo Salon offers a scientific approach to hair color.