Services For Men


  • Facial
    Facial Rs 3000 - 12000


  • Threading
    Threading Rs 100


  • Shave
    Shave Rs 350
  • Disposable Razor
    Disposable Razor Rs 200
  • Beard Color Appllication
    Beard Color Appllication Rs 850


  • White Mineral Mask
    White Mineral Mask Rs 350
  • Charcoal Black Mask
    Charcoal Black Mask Rs 550
  • Arm Polisher
    Arm Polisher Rs 400
  • Nose Strip
    Nose Strip Rs 250
  • Threading
    Threading Rs 150
  • Manicure
    Manicure Rs 1500
  • Pedicure
    Pedicure Rs 1500
  • Body Trimmer
    Body Trimmer Rs 1850


  • Make over
    Make over Rs 3500
  • Makeup
    Makeup Rs 9500


  •  Hair cut
    Hair cut Rs 1100
  • Head Wash
    Head Wash Rs 250
  • Signature Hair cut
    Signature Hair cut Rs 3850
  • Hair Mask
    Hair Mask Rs 500
  • Styling
    Styling Rs 400
  • Premium Styling
    Premium Styling Rs 500-1000
  • Dye
    Dye Rs 2500-7000
  • Hair Color Application
    Hair Color Application Rs 550
  • Hair Polish
    Hair Polish Rs 2500+
  • Baby hair cut
    Baby hair cut Rs 1000
  • Smart Bound Keratin
    Smart Bound Keratin Rs 2750 to 16500+
  • Top Head Rebounding
    Top Head Rebounding Rs 2750+
  • Top Head Relaxing
    Top Head Relaxing Rs 2750+
  • Top Head Extenso
    Top Head Extenso Rs 2750+
  • Hair Protein Treatment
    Hair Protein Treatment Rs 2750+


  • Head Massage
    Head Massage Rs 550+
  • Shoulder massage
    Shoulder massage Rs 500+
  • Oiling
    Oiling Rs 500
  • Relaxing
    Relaxing Rs 3000

Our professional hair team will carry out in-depth consultations free of charge to assess your hair and any style changes before your appointment.

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Welcome to COSMO Salon, in which our professional crew takes pride in imparting a meticulously curated choice of grooming offerings tailor-made mainly for guys. From invigorating facials and precision haircuts to particular threading, beard grooming, skincare treatments, relaxing massages, and diffused make-up, every carrier is meticulously designed to beautify your herbal appeal and raise your grooming experience.

At COSMO Salon, we are dedicated to imparting the high-quality men’s haircut, ensuring that every go to to our salon is a transformative experience. Our group of professional professionals is committed to crafting hairstyles that now not best replicate the ultra-modern developments however additionally in shape your person options and precise capabilities.

Indulge in a realm of class and self-care as you step into COSMO Salon. Every detail of our offerings is crafted with precision to redefine your personal style. Join us and experience the epitome of grooming excellence, Visit us and permit COSMO Salon turn out to be your sanctuary for refined grooming and undying style.