Top hairstyles pretty enough to wear all day


  • BOXING BRAID: This is very elegant and simple braid, in which you can sprint on the treadmill or take on the punching bag without getting worried about your hair getting in the way. Method is very simple, you need to create center part and do two French braid one or on other sides (it’s optional) for side braids or braid only on one side, leading into a low ponytail. Now tease the ponytail for little bit of voluminous. This braid gives you a very curvy appeal.
  • BELLET BUN: This is the perfect workout bun. It is a low simple bun, make a pony and tie your hair around pony tightly. But by creating a deep side part instead of slicking hair straight back, it will give you a very flattering effect and also suites on every face shape. For a softer effect it keeps some hair surrounding your face.
  • HEAD TURNER: This hairstyle is for skinny girls. A sweatband absorbs sweat along your hairline while keeping hair in place. It also helps to absorb excess oil. To tie this headband along your hairline it will give you a very stylish and sexy look.
  • CONQUER AND DIVIDE: Simply brush you hair if you want to create this segmented hairstyle. Half-back and secure with a clear or hair colored elastic. Then continue creating small sections underneath, it depends on the length of your hair, tie the ponytail into each hairband all the way down to the base of your neck. After creating ponytails blow dry your hair or flat iron the length of your pony (it’s all your choice).
  • CRISS-CROSS TOPKNOT: It is very simple, attractive, messy and fashionable bun which can be set all day long. It needs few easy master steps and some bobby pins. Separate your hair into three equal sections, on top make a bun and fix it with bobby pins. Make the middle section and twist it a little than wrap it around your same for the last section. Criss cross complete.
  • PERFECT HOLIDAY TOP KNOT: This is pretty simple and party updo, and very suitable for everyday wear. To start simply brush your hair, after that gather all your hair to the top and tie up. Put thick elastic around it to create top head ponytail. It’s better to tie the pony higher. Wrap your hair around your elastic band on each side equally. If you want big bun, you can tease your hair a little bit on this stage. Grab a small piece of ponytail and loosely swoop it around your fountained pony-tail. Then put bobby pins and place it in your bun. Finally use your finger to make it even. Add a little hair spray at the end, and you are done.

•    WOUND UP: This is the simplest and fashionable hairstyle which you can hold all day. Tie a pony tightly on the top of your head, make two sections and twist it and end it with clear elastic band. Or other option is, make three sections of your ponytail and make a tight braid, and then slightly pull each loop of your hair. Enjoy the hairstyle.

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