Remedies and tips for acne from The Best salon in Lahore

Acne is one of the most common, disturbing, and fascinating skin problems for people all around the world. Acne is common not only in women’s skins but also in a man who complains about acne. In this modern and new world of beauty or glamour, people want to look presentable and attractive. In this case of women’s skins , they just spent their time reshaping themselves wanting to make their beauty everlasting. Acne occurs due to the inflammation when the skin pores are clogged by the fatty oil material and that results in this chronic skin condition.

If acne is not treated immediately, then it became possibly the result of permanent and scarring scars on the face neck and back. In the acne treatment, the first step is to recognize skin type and skin tone. It can be the result of several of issues. Different levels of hormones, bacteria, clogged pores and malnutrition are the common causes of acne. Mostly the girls who wanted their skin perfect and white always go for cheap whitening creams available in the market. But this is not the good choice. Beauty creams available in the market are very expensive, give temporary effect, contain harmful chemical substances and can cause lasting side effects or damage.

Natural treatments are always the good and safest option, and all the ingredients are always easily available in your kitchen. Besides using creams and masks you need to follow home remedies for acne and they also make your skin glow. In this article, we have gathered some tips from the beauticians of the best salon in Lahore.

Tips and remedies are as follows which have been gather from the best salon in Lahore:

  • Aloe Vera is very effective in treating acne. Its juice can be applied on skin areas that have acne. It removes the skin scars and makes it glow.
  • You can use rose petal directly after washing your face. And you can also mix it with sandal wood paste and applied it to the face for 30 minutes before rinsing it off.
  • Water is very important for skin. Wash your face 3 to 4 times in a day.
  • Mix 1 pinch of turmeric powder in 1 tablespoon yogurt to make the paste. Apply this paste on your face for about 15 minutes. Your acne will be removed for using it daily and your skin will glow by using this mask.
  • Another mask that you can make is by mixing baking soda and water. Mix them together until you get thick looking substance than apply it on your face. Keep it on for at least 15 minutes or make it dry and then wash it with Luke warm water. You will be amazed by the results. Try it for 2 times in a week.
  • Fresh garlic is also soothing for acne skin. You can rub the fresh garlic clove on the affected areas. This remedy will be pretty smelly but this is also very effective. It contains the antiseptic substance which will dry out your acne.
  • Lavender oil, Neem leaves or avocado paste is also very effective for acne skin.

To achieve best results try these remedies and tips, and you will get rid of acne in no time.

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