The new year brings a lot of new things to your lifestyle from your body shape to your show color and style you get to know all that is new and upcoming to get dressed perfectly according to the style and trends.  Here we are presenting all the princesses with an ultimate quick guide to deal with their fashion image in a better way in the year 2017.

Let’s give a look at what you should keep with you and what you should get rid of while dealing with your fashion image.

Your Matte Lip color

Yes! Officially it is the time now to retire your matte lip color. Though the last year was full of vibrant colors with sparkling highlights and the knife liner, along with an unending collection of lip kits. But this time, be ready for something more than a matte lip color, it’s time to take out your gloss back to your lips. According to the makeup experts, the lip-gloss will be a charming change after years of matt lip look on the shelves. So if you are wearing a gloss on your holidays, you are absolutely right on the trend.

Healthy Skin:

A skin that breath well is the most appropriate one, get ready to work on achieving vibrant, healthy and radiant skin tone. It’s time to get rid of baking, contour and allowing your skin to work perfectly being naked. Let it breathe well! As far as your makeup queen image is concerned better go for a pair of bold and natural. Get a look with fresh skin paired with bold eyes and lips. But what kind of bold lips, we have to look into it in coming discussion.

Boyish Eye Brows:

Overdoing the eyebrows is out of the game now.  It’s time to go for naturally groomed straight brows that must make you look younger and trendy in 2017. Give arrest to the pencils, tweezers, and powders. Go for thin gel and freshly brushed brows with a light fill up as well.

Black Interrupted Liner:

An imperfect black liner for the year 2017, degraded at the bottom lash or can only be lined in the center of the eye would be in trend this time.  It’s time to get an unfinished new look with liner. You can say that this time you have to move far beyond the hyper flawless look of 2016.

The Gorgeous Pink

Consider pretty pink as your natural new color this year. You can see new rosy pink shades in your favorite brands like Pucci, Dior, Isabel Marant and others.   And you can pull this neutral shade off on any body part you want to. It can be graphics soft on the eyelids, high on cheeks and healthy glowing on the lips. It’s time to add freshness on your bare face with pink in this session.

Though the fashion trends will keep bringing you with a number of exciting changes in your makeup and styling basics, these are some of the most predicted trends by top fashion stylist from around the globe. It’s time to change and to add more class to your looks with a natural approach. Cosmo Salon is one of the best and the most advanced level beauty salon that is successfully providing the gorgeous looks with the contemporary makeup trends.


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