Get a Facial or Not? What is the Best for you?

In the world full of conflicting beliefs, it is quite a big deal to decide if you should go for a treatment or not. The concerns become more serious when it is about your looks and the efforts placed are going to have a direct impact on your personality and outlook. Some believe that taking treatments as if skin polish or facial is harmful to the skin other believes that it helps to keep the skin healthy and helps it live long and fresh. Facials are confusing issues because of the miss-information about what exactly they do with your skin.


If you are living in Lahore, as one of the major city of Pakistan, you can find a number of beauty salons in Lahore that are offering the best facial deals in Lahore. However, it is all in your hands you decide to go for which of the presented choice. Today we will sort the problem for you and will give a look into if the facial is necessary for your skin or not.  This can be done by understanding the way they actually work. Let’s give a look on all the essential details and the pros and cons!

The Hope and Hype:

Let’s just keep aside the nonsense that you often see in the fashion magazine and advertisements, a face wrapped in some colored mask and cucumber on the eyes- cucumber has to do nothing with your eyes. To the fact, facial can be both hurtful and helpful, and it all depend on the right choice and the way it is performed. Remember the person who is performing your facial is the key to the way it will have an impact on your skin.

On a serious note, facials are not a key to stay or become beautiful. However, for some skin type, if done properly facial can add more beauty and neatness. On the other hand, if don wrong, they are nothing but a waste of money, time, and can surely destroy your skin.

Benefits of Facial:

Remember facial is for skin care and not meant for relaxation. If you are looking for a relaxation, you must go for a body massage and not for facial. A great facial can provide you with following benefits;

  • Deep cleansing of skin
  • Softening and removal of white and black heads with manual extraction
  • Nourishment of dehydrated skin
  • Smoothing of wrinkles by plumping skin with specially formulated moisturizers
  • Exfoliation of skin with gentle scrubbing helps to achieve a smooth even skin
  • Fades the brown discoloration and enhance the skin tone
  • Reduce wrinkles with special treatment that are used during some types of facials

What facials cannot Deal With:

Mostly people look facials as one for all solution to all kind of skin problems from wrinkles to acne and from fading skin to patchy skin. To the fact, facials are not a cure to all and for sure, they cannot replace what you use at your home, on daily basis, to moisturize and take care of your skin. Here are some of the things that facials cannot deal with;

  • They cannot eliminate acne
  • They cannot fade the decolonization of skin, permanently
  • They cannot replace the cosmetic treatments like dermal or lasers
  • They cannot treat persistent redness
  • They cannot lift your sagging skin
  • They cannot remove puffy eyes or dark circles

Devices Used During Facials:

Certain facials also involve hand managed devices or machines that are said to be able to do everything to give required results, from dark circles, and wrinkles to puffy eyes etc. it is also said that these machines deal with the acne and blackheads etc. To the fact, they are a complete waste of time and money and often bring negative impact on your skin. Skin, especially that of your face is delicate and exposure to such harsh chemicals and machines can bring severe damage to the soft cells of the facial skin.

In the bottom line, it is important to understand that a good facial can make you look perfect and can deal with a number of problems of your skin but a wrongly handled procedure can bring ultimate damage to your skin.  At the same time, done periodically or once in a blue moon, facials cannot do miracles, better is to take care of your skin on regular basis. Even when you are in need of facial make, sure you are visiting the best beauty salon in Lahore that are providing all the services with the help of professionals who know to give you the best and suitable treatment for your skin.

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