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Daily Archives: <span>March 13, 2016</span>

How to maintain healthy hair: 7 hacks you have been missing out on

It is a dream of every man and women to have beautiful hair. Beautiful hair makes your personality look beautiful. Many people will give you different suggestions about making your hair good and healthy, and you can also visit hair salon for better hair. Hair oiling, conditioning, and hair treatments are the most suggested by most of the people. You must know few things about your hair before you choose your treatment for your hair.

The most important thing that you must keep in mind to keep your hair healthy is healthy diet. Your food must include iron and protein which helps your hair grow and gives your hair healthy look. Hair cells are the fastest growing cells in the body but these are the ones that are also affected very much if you don’t take your proper diet.

One must include iron and protein rich foods in their like, like fish, leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds etc.

How to maintain healthy hair: A few basic tips from best Hair Salon

  • It is normal that you lose 100-150 hair strands a day.
  • Try combing your hair very gently when dry because at that time hairs are fragile and prone to breakage. Use a broad toothed comb.
  • Give your hair a trim every few weeks. It will help cut your split ends off and give a neat look to your hair.
  • Use conditioner after shampoo and do not wash your hair daily it may damage your hair badly. Use cold water to rinse the shampoo and conditioner because it gives a good shine to your hair.
  • Mostly in shampoos sulfate is included which helps in cleansing of the hair and gives your shampoo good lather. These sulfates are the reason that if the shampoo goes in the eye it irritates. If your hair dries out or the shampoo causes irritation in your scalp try changing your shampoo or use sulfate free shampoos.
  • Hair colors usually dry out your hair. So, if you have dry hair already try avoiding the use of hair color. If you really want to apply hair color and can’t resist it than try this advice. Use lemon, Chamomile tea or honey as they work as great hair lighteners.
  • These are few home remedies that will help you in protection of your hair and making them look gorgeous.

Deep conditioning by Best Hair Salon:

Mostly people use conditioners after every wash but deep conditioning once a week won’t harm you. Every once in a week visit a hair salon they will wash your hair, dry them out with towel, take conditioner and put it all over your hair, run a comb in your hair so that the conditioner reaches everywhere. Clip your hair and let the conditioner stay for 10 minutes to 1 hour. Rinse them and enjoy silky smooth hair.

Keep away the heat

Try to avoid the heating stuff on your hair like hair curlers or hair straightners. If you really want to use those apply heat serum before so that your hairs are not affected by the heat.

Though heat serum is available in market but from the best hair salon we have got the method of making it at home:

Take some almond oil, coconut oil, hair conditioner, water and a small spray bottle. Poor water in the spray bottle, add few drops of almond oil, coconut oil and conditioner in it. Mix it well let the lather settle and you can use it before using the heat products.

 Homemade hair masks recipe from hair salon

Hair masks are good option for healthy hair. You can make one at home as well.

If you have got dry hair than egg is the best option to apply to your hair. Mix egg, curd and mustard oil and apply to your hair for gorgeous hair.

Oil is the answer

There are many kinds of conditioners introduced in the market but the wonders oil can do no hair treatment or hair conditioner can do. Hair oil is the answer to every kind of hair problem. There are different kinds of oil available that you can use on your hair. Any hair problem can be resolved with the treatment of hair oils.


9 Best Non Drying Matte Lipsticks

Dry, cracked lips never look very good. No women like dry lips nor do they look good. Many matte lipsticks give this dry look. Matte lipsticks otherwise look really gorgeous, if they don’t dry out or give you a rough look. There are many brands that mix moisturizers in their matte lipsticks which help in keeping your lips moisturized throughout the day.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in “Dusty Rose”

This is one of the best matte lipsticks and the color is gorgeous. This lipstick doesn’t dry your lips. Your lips look really gorgeous and attractive. This lipstick stays for a longer period.

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in” Ruby Woo”

As everyone already knows that MAC is one of the best cosmetic brands, their lipsticks are available in amazing colors and are very much moisturized which gives your lips a good look. After using this MAC lipstick you won’t feel that you have an extra layer of something on your lips.

ColourPop ultra matte Lip in “Rooch”

This matte lipstick by colourPop is amazing. It makes your lips bold and gorgeous. It does not dry out your lips. It gives your lips a bold look. It is relatively a dark shade so you might think that it will emphasize your lip cracks, but this lipstick does the opposite. You get a very smooth look after its use.

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in “Menace”

Matte lipsticks usually do not blend in well. But this matte lipstick is so moisturized that it blends all over your lips so well and easily. The formula used in this lipstick is quite hydrating.

Bite Matte Crème Lip In Crayon In “Rose Hip”

This lipstick is very different from others. It is highly moisturized. Even after a long hectic day this lipstick will stay on and keep your lips moisturized.

Buxom Big and Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick In a Matte Finish In “Vampy Plum”

Vampy plum is an amazing matte lipstick. It gives you a smooth finish. You won’t have to reapply it even after full day. This lipstick is loved by many women around the world.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Intense Long-Wear Lip[ Color in “55 La Delicate”

This lip color is more like a lip balm. It gives a soft and smooth look. It feels like butter on your lips. This is a long lasting lip color.

Tarte Tartiest Lip Paint in “Yaassss”

This matte lipstick has a minty smell and is very much moisturized. It is smoothly applied and gives a gorgeous look. It does not dry out your lips.

Nars Matte Lipstick in “Rosecliff”

This matte lipstick is a very natural lip color. It does not feel like you are wearing any lipstick. It doesn’t dry out your lips or gives tight feeling.