10 Must-Try Hair Color Trends for the Summer Season

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with your hair and embrace vibrant, eye-catching colors. Whether you want to lighten up your look or make a bold statement, there are numerous hair color trends that can transform your style and elevate your overall appearance.
Hair Color Trends


Summer is the perfect time to experiment with your hair and embrace vibrant, eye-catching colors. Whether you want to lighten up your look or make a bold statement, there are numerous hair color trends that can transform your style and elevate your overall appearance.

Hair Color Trends

In this article, we will explore the top 10 must-try hair color trends for the summer season. From subtle highlights to daring shades, these trends are sure to inspire you and help you achieve a fresh, on-trend look. Get ready to step into the sunshine with fabulous hair!

Sun-Kissed Bal yage

The sun-kissed Bal yage trend continues to be a popular choice for summer. This technique involves hand-painting highlights onto the hair, mimicking the natural, sun-lightened effect. The result is a soft, blended color that adds dimension and warmth to your hair. Sun-kissed Bal yage works well on various hair lengths and textures, and it complements both blondes and brunettes. Whether you opt for honeyed tones, golden hues, or caramel highlights, this trend is perfect for achieving a sun-drenched, beachy look.

Pastel Paradise

Pastel hair colors have been a hit for several seasons now, and they continue to be a go-to choice for those seeking a whimsical and ethereal style. From pretty pinks to lilacs and minty greens, pastel shades offer a delicate and dreamy transformation. These soft hues work best on light or pre-lightened hair, allowing the pastel tones to shine through. For a temporary change, try pastel hair chalks or wash-out dyes. However, if you’re looking for a long-lasting effect, consult a professional stylist to achieve the perfect pastel paradise.

Vibrant Neon

For the bold and daring individuals, vibrant neon hair colors are a fantastic choice to make a statement this summer. Neon shades like electric blue, neon green, or hot pink can instantly turn heads and exude confidence. These colors work well on both light and dark hair, and the intensity can be adjusted according to your preferences. Keep in mind that neon colors require pre-lightening the hair for optimal vibrancy. Regular maintenance and color-safe hair care products are essential to keep your neon locks looking their best.

Money Piece Highlights

The money piece trend has taken the hair world by storm. It involves adding face-framing highlights to create a striking contrast against the base color. This technique draws attention to your facial features, giving you a fresh and youthful appearance. Money piece highlights can be customized to suit any hair color, from classic blonde and brunette combinations to more unconventional choices like red or purple. This trend offers versatility, as it can be subtle or bold depending on your desired look.

Smoky Ash Blonde

For those looking to cool down their hair color this summer, the smoky ash blonde trend is an excellent option. This sophisticated and edgy shade combines cool undertones with a hint of gray, creating a stunning and modern look. Smoky ash blonde works exceptionally well on light to medium blonde hair and can be achieved through a combination of Bal yage and toning techniques. It’s important to consult a professional colorist to achieve the perfect balance of cool tones without compromising the hair’s integrity.

Copper Glow

Copper hair colors are making a comeback this summer, offering warmth and vibrancy to any hair type or complexion. From soft apricot shades to intense fiery reds, copper tones can transform your look with their rich and radiant appeal. Copper colors work particularly well on individuals with warm undertones, but they can also be adapted to suit cooler skin tones with the right variation. Regular color-safe shampoos and conditioners are essential for maintaining the vibrancy of your copper locks.

Chocolate Mauve

Combining the richness of chocolate brown with the softness of mauve, this hair color trend offers a unique and alluring twist. Chocolate mauve hair incorporates warm brown hues with delicate pink undertones, creating a romantic and sophisticated look. This trend works exceptionally well on brunettes, adding dimension and depth to their natural hair color. Consult with a skilled colorist who can personalize the shade to complement your skin tone and create a seamless blend.

Rainbow Roots

For those who want to embrace a playful and whimsical style, rainbow roots are an excellent choice. This trend involves dyeing the roots of the hair in multiple vibrant shades, creating a colorful surprise underneath your natural or pre-existing hair color. The result is a peek-a-boo effect that can be as subtle or bold as you desire. Rainbow roots are perfect for those who want to express their creativity and add a touch of fun to their summer look.

Platinum Blonde

If you’re ready to embrace a striking and attention-grabbing hair color, platinum blonde is a classic choice. This ultra-light shade works on various hair lengths and textures, and it offers a stunning contrast against different skin tones. Achieving platinum blonde requires careful bleaching and toning processes, which are best done by a professional colorist to minimize damage and ensure optimal results. Regular toning treatments and deep conditioning are crucial for maintaining the icy coolness of this shade.

Fiery Sunset

The fiery sunset hair color trend captures the warmth and vibrancy of a summer evening sky. It combines fiery reds, warm oranges, and vibrant yellows to create a breathtaking and eye-catching effect. This trend works on both light and dark hair, allowing for various levels of intensity. Whether you opt for a subtle Ombre effect or a full head of fiery colors, the sunset-inspired hues are sure to make a bold statement and infuse your look with warmth and energy.


This summer, let your hair color reflect your vibrant spirit and adventurous nature. From subtle and natural hues to bold and daring shades, the hair color trends discussed in this article offer a plethora of options to explore. Whether you prefer sun-kissed Bal yage, pastel paradise, or vibrant neon, remember to consult a professional colorist for expert advice and achieve the best results. Additionally, invest in high-quality hair care products and maintenance routines to keep your newly colored locks healthy and vibrant throughout the season. So, step into the sunshine and let your hair be a shining statement of your style!

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