Cosmo Salon has some professional photographers on hand. They are covering Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi with their fantastic and fascinating photo shoots.

Since 2000, Photography and beauty treatments have been Adel Rana, CEO of Cosmo Salon’s passion. He not only serves the brides and models with his professional photography but also cover weddings. There are no words, through which you can describe the professional photographic  style at Cosmo Salon. But you can see their style and passion through the pictures in their gallery. The style of the photographers has been developed by the photographers themselves. They have developed their style by their influence, experience and all the knowledge they can gather about photography. The best thing about Cosmo Salon’s photography service is that their professionals take photography more as fun rather than as a profession. And this attitude makes their photographs much better than the other photographers present in town.

Cosmo Salon’s years of experience, history of their work and variety of services, provides the basis for the continued excellence in photography services.  Cosmo Salon considers it an honor to capture the moments of individuals, families and weddings.  They have been providing their services to you for more than 14 years and  will keep providing it.

Cosmo Salon not only provides their photography services for Bridal photo shoots, wedding shoot but also make the portfolios for the upcoming models. Recently they have made the portfolio of the model Farhan A. Malhi, Abdul Mannan and Zeeshan Sikandar. Cosmo Salon has a big hand behind their success.

At Cosmo Salon, you will get all types of photography services like the bridal shoots, portfolio shoots, wedding shoots and for some party or occasion shoot. You will get the best photography services here and it is Cosmo Salon’s moto to provide the best quality of their services to their customers.