Services of hair spa and treatments are designed by the principles of the updated cosmetology studies. It covers hair’s most routine problems i.e. High porosity or damaged hair cuticle due to over-exposure of unplanned hair cosmetics or practices, hair keratin loss, moisture loss and pigment loss due to water chlorination, metal rusts, environmental exposure and excessive usage of hair cosmetics.

Deep conditioning

A complete professional hair conditioning service, Stylist analyses hair type and chooses the respective deep conditioner. Service includes Hair analysis, Application and massage (for relaxing scalp muscles and nerves), Hot Steam (allows application to penetrate deep into the cortex of hair), Shampooing.

Hot oil treatment

Oil is considered as an essential application for hair moisture retention. A lot of R&D has taken place for the generation of different technological hair treatment oils. Hot oil treatment service includes Hair analysis, Application and massage (it confirms complete coverage and massage soothe and relaxes head muscles and nerves, Hot steam (helps to cleanse sebum textures and allows the oil to penetrate deep, Shampooing

 Shine/Pigment enhancing

Natural hair pigment Melanin losses due to many routine factors. This service infuses extra pigment into hair cortex for recovering pigment loss and also for more shine. This service includes Hair analysis, Shampooing (if needed), Application to hair, Hot steam (if needed), shampooing.

Dandruff control

A very common problem over the globe with two different types (pityriasis capitis simplex, pityriases steadoits) due to a fungus malassezia,. Most commonly happens due to atmospheric changes or hormonal influences. A prevention activity is a must do for those individuals who carries this tendency. Dandruff carries many scalp problems if preventive measures are not followed. Service includes Scalp analysis, Application, Massage (if needed), Hot steam (if needed), Shampooing, Recommendations.

Hair loss prevention

Hair loss is classified into various types and termed as Alopecia (Androgenetic alopecia, Alopecia areata, Alopecia totalis, Alopecia universalis, Pospartum alopecia and more. It carries a deep emotional impact upon those who suffers through. R&D in medical sciences has introduced some very effective therapies which helps lot in hair fall prevention and hair re-growth, at Cosmo Salon all these therapies and treatments are available. A consultation is needed for recommendations.

Hair Restructurising or Keratin Infusion treatment

A highly complex and professional treatment, It reconstructs or fulfills the Keratin or Moisture loss out of hair. A consultation is needed for recommendations.